​​2005 Healing jane was written By Jane Chartrand. It won best produced album and Keeper of the spirit award at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards held in Toronto Canada.our paragraph here.

2015 back in th saddle again Kimberley Dawn has released her 5th Studio album "Til the Cowboys Come Home" and has a new video for the single release of the song, on Youtube. It has been nominated for Best Country album at the Indigenous music awards and Won Aboriginal Entertainer of the year at the Manitoba Country music awards.aragraph here.

T2003 Kimberley Dawns Debut Album " Im Going Home" won the CBC Galaxy rising Star award at the Canadian Aboriginal Music awards and was nominated for best country album and won Country album of the year at the Indian Summer Music Awards. It was also nominated for Best Country Album at the Western Canadian Count music awards. 

2009-- Kimbelrey Dawn kicked her style up a notch with amazing writers such as the Legendary Ray St. Germain and Canadian Country music Super stars Chris Thorstienson and Dave Wasyliw from the Band Doc Walker. Kimberley Dawn won best Rock Album at the Indian summer Music awards held in Milwaukee Wisconsin USA.  That year She also won Song single of the Year for her single release Spirit Of Our People at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards. 

Kimberley Dawn's first recorded album dedicated  to her grandmother. In 2000 Kimberley's Grandmother was on her death bed. She was meeting Kim's future husband . Lil 's one request was that the world would hear her granddaughter sing. Her wish came true in that same Year when Kimberley Dawn released her first studio album "Lilly" It was never released to the public but was shared among family and friends.